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  • January 2014 Intake
    The institute wishes to notify prospective students that a new intake is scheduled for January 2014. Successful applicants will report from 6th Jan to 17th Jan 2014
  • Fees Balances
    All Fees Balances MUST be cleared on reporting at the beginning of 3rd Term - 2013. NO student will be admitted before clearing any outstanding fees balances.
  • Supplementary Exams
    Supplementary Exams will be held from 12th Nov 2013. Candidates are expected to pay Ksh 500/= per paper before the examination date.
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Plant Operators - Residential

Target Group
  • Drivers
  • Roads & Mechanical Supervisors, Inspectors e.t.c 2-3 Weeks
  • Serving Plant Operators: Plant operator skill improvement course (8 weeks)
  • Subordinate Staff:-Providing a chance for upward mobility (8 weeks)
  • General Public:- Reserve for potential skilled employees for both Public and Private Sector (8 Weeks)
  • Tailor-Made Tailor made programs for applied group training (varies)
  • 2 Months
Fees Payable
  1. 60,000/=

This Course is conducted Every two months at the KIHBT Ngong Campus. The course has recently experienced high demand from the Industry and Mechanical staff in various Ministries as well as from the general public.

The Plant operators course arms the Participants with skills to enable them operate various road Construction equipment and Machinery Including:-

  1. Choice of Plants and uses
  2. General Maintenance and Simple Repair
  3. Highway Code & Safety
  4. Machine Operation & Control
  5. Good Workmanship and Precision
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