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Labour Based Road Engineers Course (Commencing Aug 2012)

Target Group
  • Engineers
  • 6 Weeks
Fees Payable
  1. 126,000


  1. Construction and Maintenance Technology
  2. Contract Management And Administration
  3. Road Maintenance Management System (RMMS)


This course is aimed at providing the participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to:
  • Accurately assess the required road rehabilitation and maintenance works
  • Mainstreaming crosscutting issues in road sub sector
  • Explain in details all the items the Tender Documents
  • Describe the Tender documents preparation process
  • Describe briefly the key steps in Contract Procurement Process as per regulations
  • Describe briefly all the factors that have to be considered in the Supervision and Administration of the Contract works
  • RMMS - ICT orientation Spread sheet and access
  • Introduction to Computer aided planning, tender preparation and reporting methods
  • Describe in details the key features of Road maintenance Management System RMMS
  • Using data from each region compile accurately annual work plans for the region using the RMMS
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